Everyday I'm Cactusing.

Going through some photos from 2014, I realized that I never shared these images of a super fun install at the VEDA store. Inspired by a futuristic-style "grow room," we decided to fill the loft space inside the store with all types of plants and glowy purple lights. If I could live up there I probably would! We also made some updates to the display pedestals, and custom-built a new cash-wrap along with my partner in crime, Daniel Grady Faires (aka Dan Made).


The Planthunter.

I feel down the internet rabbithole the other day, and found this little gem.

In their own words, "The Planthunter is an online magazine devoted to celebrating plants and the varied ways humans interact with them. Plants have been inspiring, feeding, sustaining and soothing humans for aeons. The Planthunter documents and celebrates these connections."

Who can argue with pictures as pretty as these?